HERO Campaign, Uber Promote Designated Drivers for St. Patrick’s Day Festivities


This St. Patrick’s Day, the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers and Uber New Jersey are teaming up to raise awareness of the need for safe and sober designated drivers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA), 252 people died in crashes due to drunk driving over a 24-hour period during the St. Patrick’s holidays from 2011 to 2015, deaths which are completely preventable.

“Drunk driving prevention starts with a designated driver. The designated drivers are the real heroes, making sure everyone gets home safely,” said HERO Campaign founder and chairman Bill Elliott. “Having a safe ride home is the best way to have fun and prevent a drunk-driving tragedy.”

The HERO Campaign, in collaboration with the transportation network company Uber, has signed up 1,000 Uber drivers as “HEROES” – those who have taken the pledge to be designated drivers for people who shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

During the past New Year’s Eve holiday, more than 200 of these HERO-pledged Uber drivers gave more than 1,500 individual rides, an average of each driver getting seven passengers home safely at the end of the night.

In addition, first-time Uber users can get up to $20 off their initial ride using the promo code NJHERO2017.

This year, Uber and the HERO Campaign offer the following tips to make sure everyone can enjoy the festivities without putting lives at risk.

Safety Tips:

  • Make a Plan – Whether you intend to take an Uber or have a sober designated driver drive you home, make sure you know how you’re getting home safely before the party begins. Buy your designated driver non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Have a Backup – If your initial plan falls through, keep a phone number in your wallet or purse of a sober friend or family member who will come pick you up.
  • Stay Over – If you’re at a friend’s house, ask to spend the night rather than drive home.
  • Leave Your Car – Many bars and restaurants encourage customers to leave their car for the night if they shouldn’t be driving.
  • Spread the Message – Invite your friends and family to be designated drivers, and volunteer to be one for them. Encourage your fellow partygoers to use a sober designated driver, Uber or alternate transportation to get them safely home.

Uber Tips:

  • No Luck Needed with Uber’s Upfront Fares – With upfront fares, you’ll see the total cost of your ride before you request a pickup. The upfront fare takes into account all factors that typically impact the price of a trip, including the number of passengers as well as the length of the journey.
  • Share your ETA with Your Mates – Running late? Let your friends know by sharing your location in real time so they know when to expect you. Once you’re on an Uber trip, tap “Share Status” to send them a map of your route and your arrival time.
  • Left Your Shamrock Behind? – It happens to everyone: you realize you left something behind in your ride. Uber makes it easy to recover lost items by calling the driver. Simply select “Your Trips” from the top left-hand section of your app and choose the trip on which you lost an item. Select “I lost an item” and scroll down to enter your phone number and tap SUBMIT. Your phone will ring and connect you with your driver’s mobile number. (If you’ve lost your phone, enter a friend’s phone number to connect with your driver.)

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