Changes at Keeneland for Fall Meet

There will be several changes at Keeneland for this year’s fall meet. Seven temporary buildings and extra seats have been added to accommodate an extra 10,000 people for the upcoming Breeders’ Cup.

“Our staff has worked this summer to have everything prepped and ready for the Breeders’ Cup at the end of our race meet. And we are excited for everyone to be out here and see all of our changes,” says Kara Heissenbuttel, Director of Patron Experience at Keeneland.

Along with these changes you’ll also see a new tent; the hero tent. Keeneland has partnered with the Hero Campaign to raise awareness to choose a designated driver.

“The person who wants to be the designated driver for the day can sign up to be the designated driver. They will get a wristband and free soft drinks from our concession stand for the day,” says Heissenbuttel.

The non-profit campaign is in memory of John Elliott who was killed by a drunk driver in 2000. Before his death, Elliott received the Outstanding Hero Officer Award from The United States Naval Academy.

Keeneland is asking people to sign up at the Hero Tent on the hill or at the gate entrance to be designated drivers for their family and friends.


Source: WKYT  |  September 25, 2015

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