HEROtini® Mocktail Challenge Sign Up

We are on a search for the best tasting and most creative “HEROtini”® Mocktail, along with the Great HEROtini® Bartender and Top Shore Area HERO bar, tavern or restaurant promoting the important role of Designated Drivers.

This challenge will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day 2017. During the summer, establishments and the HERO Campaign will promote their unique “HEROtini”® and encourage patrons to vote for their drink.

Awards will be presented for:

  • Best HEROtini® Mocktail
  • Best Mocktail Name
  • Top HEROtini® Bartender
  • Top HERO Establishment

Registration Fee: $300 per establishment
Sponsorships Also Available

Notes About Enrollment:

  • Signage and promotion in HEROtini® marketing engagements, including business logos on the HERO website, social media, and mailings; signage and “cookbook” inclusion at the Finals, cross-promotion with respective sponsors, and inclusion at the Finals, along with two free tickets.
  • Participation form and payment must be submitted to the HERO Campaign no later than Tuesday, May 31, 2017.
  • This event is open to all sponsored bars/restaurants in Atlantic and Cape May Counties, so long as they are a HERO partner, or are willing to become one. If you would like to participate, but are unable to secure a sponsor, the HERO Campaign will work to find you one, but cannot guarantee as much. if no sponsor is secured, interested bars and restaurants have an option to “self-sponsor” at the cost of $1,000.
  • In addition to HERO promotions, sponsors may self-promote their HEROtini® on behalf of themselves and their partners, so long as the message remains positive and reflective of the HERO Campaign goals, and includes the HERO logo.
  • Note: Entries can be any kind of non-alcoholic beverage, and does not have to be a “tini” per se. Restaurants and bars are encouraged to have fun with their concoctions, as well as the name they choose to characterize it.

Plus, save the Date for the HEROtini® Happening:
Stockton Seaview Hotel & Golf Club • Thursday, September 14


  • Price: $300.00
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