Joelle’s Boutique Helps Spread the HERO Campaign’s Message

Gail Rosenthal may be publicly known for her Linwood Central Square shop, Joelle’s, but her support of the HERO Campaign is a personal one.

“When I was 21, I traveled to New Hampshire on a ski trip, and was struck by a drunk driver. I had been driving up a two lane mountain road when I saw the swerving car approaching in the opposite lane. I slowed down, but having nowhere to go, was hit head-on. The man who hit me was intoxicated, and walked away from the accident while I was left with a broken nose and jaw, and a spinal injury that still gives me problems today.”

Gail’s story is an all too common one, and it’s also the reason she is doing her part to raise awareness and promote safe and sober driving.

From now through December, “The HEROtini Recipe Book” will be sold exclusively at Joelle’s, with all proceeds benefiting the HERO Campaign.

Please join the HERO Campaign in working to keep our roads safe by promoting the use of designated driving.

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