The HEROtini

Rene Bunting, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at AtlantiCare.

Have you taken the HERO pledge yet?

I’m Rene Bunting, vice president of Marketing and Communications at AtlantiCare.

15 years ago, Bill and Muriel Elliott created the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign for designated drivers in memory of their son John R. Elliot. John died as a result of a drunk driver crashing into his car.

Since then, The HERO Foundation has raised awareness about using designated drivers when choosing to drink.

Recently, the campaign celebrated 15 years of making a difference in our region – and throughout the nation. I was honored to be on the planning committee for the wonderful memorial – and celebratory brunch that took place in July.

To mark the anniversary—the HERO Foundation created the HEROtini – Peach Bellini – its signature non-alcoholic drink. It’s a delicious beverage any designated driver can enjoy.

I love to entertain friends and family. Serving a non-alcoholic drink is always on my menu. The HEROTini – Peach Bellini is easy to make, looks festive and tastes so refreshing!

Just mix equal parts of peach puree with sparkling apple cider, shake with crushed ice, then pour into your favorite glass, garnish with blueberries and you have a refreshing, zero-proof HERO drink.

On behalf of our Trauma Team, and everyone at AtlantiCare, I invite you to join me in a zero-proof toast to our HEROs – the designated drivers who keep us all safe and healthy!
Try a Peach Bellini or other HERO Zero Proof drink – or make your own.

AtlantiCare wants you to live Well for life.

Take the HERO pledge to be a designated driver!

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Source: AtlantiCare | Author: Rene Bunting  | September 21, 2015

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